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Dog Friendly Alexandria

By Steven and Michele Hollow of Pet News and Views

If you travel with your dog, you will want to visit Alexandria, VA, one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country. Several hotels here welcome pets. We chose the pet-friendly Hotel Monaco, a Kimpton Hotel.

When we travel, we keep our cat at home with a sitter. I believe he is happier at home than in unfamiliar (even if it is lovely) surroundings. Upon booking the hotel, the staff inquired about our pets. When we told them that we were leaving our cat at home, they asked us to send them a photo of him. In our hotel room was a framed photo of Earl Gray, our cat, welcoming us.

Hotel Monaco is situated in the center of town, and the city is perfect for walking. Visit the Torpedo Factory, which has several floors filled with all kinds of art, and many of the artists are on hand to talk about their work.

Many of the shops are pet-friendly too. Several restaurants have outdoor areas so you can dine with your dogs. The museums don’t allow dogs, but the hotel employs dog walkers and dog sitters. Our 10-year old, who is a Harry Potter fan, loved the Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum. If you go, check out the Dragon’s Blood herb.

Founded in 1792, one of the most famous customers was Martha Washington. We got a wonderful tour, which you can see in the video created by my hubby, Steven M. Hollow.

For more information on Alexandria, click here.

19 comments to Dog Friendly Alexandria

  • This is great!!! I want to see a video of Earl Gray playing the glass harp!!!
    That was so thoughtful of the Hotel Monaco to place a nice framed photo of Earl Gray in your room to welcome you. My parents travel with my photo so I know she would love this too. Great video Steven and Michele.

  • P Elizabeth

    What a great, GREAT video. Very well done.
    I was blown away.
    The Pet News and and Views on the Road opener is an adorable, adorable moving logo.
    Superb JOB you two.

  • Connie Birch

    What a great video, and Steven did an excellent job on the logo. I love how it moves. And the music is cool. We will probably plan a trip there with our dog sometime in November. Thanks.

  • Kathy

    The video crashed before I could view the entire footage. I love to read that they put a photo of your cat in anticipation of your arrival – that’s a very sweet touch and great marketing on behalf of the hotel. Who wouldn’t feel at home w/ a picture of their pet already in the room upon arrival?? LOL – I wish I could have seen the room. My PC is acting up again!!!! Grrrrr-rrrr……

  • Awesome video! I love the Kimpton Hotels. As far as I know, they are all pet friendly. Well done!

  • We must have Virginia on our minds, and deja vu, Michele: my blog features Virginia is for Dog Lovers today, too. TY for this post!

  • Robert Jamison

    Great graphics Steven! Michele I know you wrote a lot of family travel stories. I hope to see more pet-friendly travel stories here. Thanks.

  • Rene Berger

    Glad to see dog-friendly travel. We tend to take our dog on local trips–places we can take him by car. I would never want to fly with him. The airlines don’t care about pets, and in a car you can stop. It’s much better that way. I’m on the east coast–NJ–and plan on visiting Alexandria. Thanks!

  • Keith Frasier

    I do a lot of traveling to D.C. for business. Next time, I am going to make a side trip to Alexandria (it’s very close), and stay at the Hotel Monaco. Thanks!

  • Carolyn Haas

    I’ve stayed at Hotel Monaco in Alexandria, and it is wonderful and very pet friendly. Glad to see it on your blog.

  • IraMacpherson

    I’m in L.A., so it’s nice to see a friendly, pet-friendly walking city. I am sure to put this on my must-see list.

  • Donna McKenna

    Love the opening. I’ve stayed at other Kimptons and will check out the Monaco next time I’m in Alexandria. Thanks for the post.

  • Burt Simon

    As an artist, I appreciate your covering the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria. It is a great place for meeting with artists. Thanks for the fun video.

  • Alan Burger

    I used to live in Alexandria and now I’m on the west coast. Thanks for taking me “home.”

  • Susan Miller

    Like everyone else here, I love the logo. It’s very creative. We also love going to the DC area, and next time we are in town, we will visit Alexandria and stay at Hotel Monaco.

  • Wow – that is great service! How nice that you had a picture of Earl to keep you company since he’s happier at home.

  • Thanks Amy, So good to hear from you–the one half of the couple who know all about pet-friendly travel.

  • We love staying at Kimpton Hotels. We will be sure to check out the Hotel Monaco when we visit Alexandria.

  • Anthony Carone

    We are heading to DC and will stop with our two dogs and spend a few days in Alexandria. Thanks for the tips Michele