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Free Prescription Drug Discount Card for Pets and their Humans

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

I just saved $8 on medication for Earl Gray, my cat. Earl has an overactive thyroid, and will be on thyroid meds for life. The prescription is $20 for 30 pills every month. It can get expensive. So, I found a cheaper way.

Instead of purchasing the meds from my veterinarian (whom I adore), I asked him to write a prescription for Earl so I could take it to my pharmacy. Since this is a generic brand, I saved almost 50 percent using a Prescription Drug Discount Card.

You can print out this card to use for your pet's prescriptions. Just take it with the prescription from your vet to your local pharmacy to receive the discount.

Pet News and Views is offering subscribers a Free Pet Discount Drug Card good for pets and their humans. Yes, you read that right. This card is actually good for pet and human prescription medications. A lot of the drugs prescribed for pets are the same meds that we take—just smaller doses. I signed up to distribute Free Pet Discount Drug Cards, and thought it would be nice to share them with my subscribers.

The cards are accepted at over 80 percent of all pharmacies in the U.S. and its territories, from national chains to your local pharmacy including Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Target, CVS, etc. The card never expires and can be used over and over again. I know some of you are out of the area. This card is only good in the U.S. and its territories.

Not Insurance
This is not pet insurance or health insurance for people. Health insurance coverage for people does not cover pet medications. And many pet health insurance plans do not include prescription drugs for pets. I actually know a few self employed people who have health insurance without the prescription drug policy; it is less expensive. If they need medication, they use this card.

I hope you never have to use it, and that your pet will live a long and happy life. However, it is good to have on hand.

With this card you can save up to 15 percent on brand-name medications and up to 55 percent on generics. All you have to do is get a prescription from your vet and take it to a participating pharmacy with the Prescription Drug Discount Card.

To Get Your Free Pet Discount Drug Card
If you would like to receive a FREE Pet Discount Drug Card, subscribe to Pet News and Views. You may print out this card and take it with you to your pharmacy with the prescription you get from your pet’s vet to receive your discount. Or you can send me an e-mail at telling me you subscribed and include your mailing address, and I will pop one in the mail to you. If you want more than one, e-mail me, and I will ask you to send me a self addressed stamped envelope to cover the postage.

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